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Roller Tyres, Wear Segments & Tables for Vertical Grinding Mills

Vertical Roller Mill Parts

Ecorporates GmbH is leading and experienced supplier of high-quality wear resistant parts for Vertical Roller Mills in cement, mining and power industry worldwide.

Based in Germany, our company has experience of many years for providing products and solutions in High Chromium Cast Iron and Composite Metal Ceramic for achieving better lifetime. Continuous research and development have helped us to offer products and solutions to our customers for improved lifetime and efficiency.

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Vertical Roller Mill Cement Mill Wear Parts

Vertical Mill Tires, Tables, Rollers, Holders, Seals, Clamps & Bolts

Vertical Grinding Mill Accessories

The vertical roller mill (VRM) is popular and widely used for grinding of coal and raw materials. The vertical mill is energy efficient with low specific wear rate. Vertical mill supports drying of the feed material, grinding, separating, and material transport inside the mill. Vertical mill gives optimum grinding performance when grinding rollers and tables are in good condition, properly aligned and preloaded.

Vertical Mill Tires and Tables

Rollers tyres and tables are main grinding elements in the vertical mill. As the grinding elements wear, the grinding efficiency of the vertical mill declines. We are providing wear parts that can withstand and perform best in the most abrasive conditions and materials.

Roller Tyres & Tables Liners for Vertical Roller Mills

We supply grinding rollers tyres and segments for all types of vertical grinding mills from different manufacturers. We are supplying wear parts in high chromium alloy and composite metal ceramic. We have the ability to produce and supply superior quality tyres and wear segments that provide excellent fit, top performance and exceptionally long life.

Our years of experience has enabled us to supply Tyres and Tables in superior casted material which ensure slower and uniform wear during operation, thus it effectively reduce the mill vibration and increase the grinding efficiency.

Roller Assembly

We provide complete roller assembly for all types of vertical mills. The roller is delivered in assembled form. We use best European origin seals and bearings to ensure smooth operation.

Vertical Grinding mills other accessories

We also provide necessary spare parts for vertical mills:

  • Clamps and bolts
  • High-strength rod bolts (35CrMO material)
  • Various types of nozzle rings (high-chrome steel)
  • Air guide cone
  • Roller holder, Seal ring, O-ring and other accessories for vertical mills.

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Spare Parts for Vertical Mill

We also provide necessary spare parts for vertical mills

  • Clamps and bolts
  • High-strength rod bolts (35CrMO material)
  • Various types of nozzle rings (high-chrome steel)
  • Air guide cone
  • Roller holder, Seal ring, O-ring and other accessories for vertical mills.

We also supply welding wires and hardfacing assistance for rebuilding of wear parts along with wear plate, chromium carbide and ceramic cladded plate, and wear block product for vertical mills.

Material Specifications & Quality

We provide wear parts in high-chromium alloy and metal ceramic composite. Wear parts are casted from high chromium alloy irons and fully heat treated for optimum mechanical properties. High Chrome Alloys which we believe offer excellent value in service with the added advantage of being able to accept hard facing at a later stage in their life. All parts are carefully engineered to withstand abrasive wear and improve efficiency by reducing your cost per ton of material processed. The use of High Chrome increases the wear life versus low and medium chrome alloys. All parts are produced under strict quality control. We establish and implement GB / T19001-2008-ISO9001: 2008 standard quality management system.

Composite Metal Ceramic

We are among few suppliers of wear resistant material in composite metal ceramic. Composite metal ceramic has high toughness and better high wear resistance feature. Metal matrix composite is composed with alloy and ceramic through special casting, heat treatment process which gives 2-3 times better life than traditional high chromium alloys. The ceramic particles are placed on the surface of high chrome material layer to form the ceramic metal composite material layer. Composite metal ceramic has both features of high wear resistance of ceramics as well as good mechanical properties of metal materials, therefore it does not easy wear. This strengthen structure increases the surface friction and effective grinding area and help to improve the grinding efficiency and reduces the power consumption.

Design & Engineering

If required, we are able to send our engineers and sales staff to examine and draft your vertical mill wear parts at your plant. We are also capable to customize the wear parts as per customer requests for improved performance. We can easily deal with the changes in design, metallurgy, heat treatment and machining. With the improved metallurgy and heat treatment, our products have proven better life than other suppliers. All our supplied parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.


We supply replacement wear part castings for abrasive and high wear applications in cement, mining and power industry worldwide. Our supplied parts meet the expectations of industrial operations like crushing, grinding, and shredding.