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Material Conveying

We offer parts and services for all kind of conveyor systems.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used in several industrial sectors where there is need of vertically lifting free flowing bulk material, of different types and sizes. Bucket elevator uses chain or belt depending upon the operational parameters. The buckets are attached with the chain or belt which transfer the material from lower level to higher level. For high temperature applications the buckets are attached with chain. Whereas, Belt bucket elevators contains steel wire belt with wire-free zones for the bucket fixing

We design and supply various types of bucket elevators for vertical transport of fine and coarse bulk material. We also provide components like chains, buckets and sprockets for existing bucket elevators to satisfy the conveying requirements from sticky to highly abrasive material.

We are also able to revamp, modify and improve elevators of any manufacturer and solve any problem regarding handling of continuous flowing bulk material. Moreover, we are also able to supply spare parts for existing bucket elevator of any brand.

Conveyor Belts

Belt conveyors are used for the continuous conveying of a wide range of different bulk materials. Belt conveyors have proven considerable cost and operational advantages when compared with the use of wheeled vehicles for material transportation, particularly in situations where difficult terrain and long distances are involved for example, for moving limestone from quarry to cement factory. Similarly belt conveyors use less space and are energy efficient for material handling inside plant and warehouses. We provide conveyor belts suitable for conveying of any type of bulk material, whether granular or lumpy, cohesive or no cohesive in every industrial sector.

  • Rubber conveyor belts
  • Abrasion resistant belts
  • Heat resistant belts
  • Chevron profile belts

Pipe Conveyors

A pipe conveyor is used for the transportation of sensitive products. The belt is arranged inside idlers in such a way that it forms a pipe and cover the conveying material from all sides hence protecting material from environmental effects. The pipe conveyors is used for applications such as conveying of pulverized cement raw material to protect the material against environmental aspects and also at the same time protect the environment from the dust of these products.

Rollers & Idlers

The rollers and idlers are important part of belt conveying system. The conveyor belt moves over the rollers. We supply complete range of components and rollers for conveying systems:


Durable bulk material handling rollers/Idlers for all Bulk handling applications with high working loads and large material size. The rollers are supplied with proven sealing system and high-quality bearing to ensure minimum maintenance and long operation life Applications: mines, quarries, cement factories, coal-fired power plant

Impact rollers

Impact rollers resist and absorb the pressure and impact of materials coming onto the belt. Impact rollers are fitted with rings and are important to avoid belt damage.

Return rollers with rings

The return rollers consist of helical spiral form of the non-abrasive rings which perform the cleaning of belt. The return rollers are used to conveying of sticky and viscous material. The return rollers with ring eliminate the build-up of material.

Guide Rollers:

The guide rollers are in vertical position which are used to maintain the alignment of belt. Since the belt insert impact on the rollers therefore these rollers are under continuous stress and need to be maintained regularly to avoid damage to belt.

A Complete Range of Components

Hoists, Winches & More

We also deal in Hoists, Winches, Magnetic Separators, Belt Cleaners,
Air-slide Fabrics and Vulcanizing Machines


We provide Electric Chain Hoists and Electric Wire Rope Hoists in different configurations and capacities to meet variety of lifting requirements. We are working with renowned European hoist manufacturers and provide Electric hoist of difference capacities and execution.

  • Electric Hoist in fixed execution – Chain or Wire rope
  • Electric Hoist climbing execution
  • Electric wire rope Hoist with double girder trolley
  • Electric wire rope Hoist with monorail trolley


We provide winches for different pulling applications such as tensioning of conveyor system or cable tensioning. We supply winches which deliver high pulling capacity in a lightweight, compact package. The electric winches comes with motor and are available in different capacities upto 2400 pounds on a single line and can reach maximum speeds up to 40 feet per minute on the full drum. The winches are supplied with optional accessories like Line Spoolers, cable tensioners and a variety of electric control options. We provide customized winches to meet the exact needs of any application.

Magnetic Separators

We supply magnetic separators that are used for separating ferromagnetic particles from raw materials in conveyor systems. We provide electromagnetic separators and also permanent magnets which are used as Cleaning magnets for separating various ferromagnetic metals that are found in raw materials due to transport, grinding or other processing.

The cleaning magnets are installed on conveying system to remove the metallic impurities from the feed. We also provide self-cleaning magnetic separators. Materials that need to have metallic impurities removed are used in many fields in the industry, such as food processing, plastics processing, cement, pharmaceuticals etc.

Belt Cleaners

Belt cleaners are useful to clean the belts especially when the material being conveyed is sticky and viscous. Belt cleaners improve the conveying efficient and increased life of belt. We supply belt cleaners for belt widths up to 3000 mm with belt speeds up to 10 m/s. Our belt cleaners are manufactured with the highest-quality material so they are durable and rugged. We supply belt cleaners which are easy to maintain, including the replacement of new blades.

In order to suggest a suitable belt cleaner, please provide us following basic details of your conveying system

  • Conveying Material
  • Belt Width
  • Maximum Belt speed
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Pulley Diameter

Air-slide Fabrics

Air slide also known as fluidized cloth is proven and cost-effective method of pneumatic conveying of bulk dry powder material. We provide Air slides manufactured in high quality polyester for transportation requirements of raw material and cement for storage and mixing. The high-quality air slide fabric provide smooth mass flow with uniform air permeability across the whole surface and a high wear resistance. The air-slide fabric is available in different thickness and dimensions to meet specific requirements.

Vulcanizing Machines

Ecorporates provide standard and customized vulcanizing press for pressing, laminating, and splicing of wide range of conveyor rubber belts of different sizes and styles. Our range of presses include hydraulic, air, liquid pressure system for rectangle and rhombic splices. The heating plate with uniform heating is also very important in splicing of conveyor belts to avoid bubble formation.

We also provide complete range of vulcanizing tool-kits, splicing material and belt winders for splicing of conveyor belt. Our team of certified technicians can perform on-site belt splicing jobs as per the recommended standards of famous belt manufacturers.