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Bulk & Powder Material Handling Products & Solutions

Material Handling

Our group provide design and equipment which meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

We provide wide range of services for material handling projects that include bulk material and pneumatic material handling and transfer system. We provide EPC engineering design, equipment, conveyors and components with commissioning. We also provide complete solution for ship-loading and unloading systems.

  • Mechanical or pneumatic material transport
  • Silo storage and loading equipment
  • Unloading of ships, railway wagons and trucks

We supply complete material handling systems and components for cement, lime, gypsum and power plants for handling bulk, granular and powdered material such as fly ash, pulverized limestone, quicklime and gypsum in large quantities.

Cement Belt For Material Handling Pneumatic Materials Transport Equipment

Our processing technology encompasses a wide variety of crushing and screening machines, such as impact crushers, hammer crushers, single and double roller crushers, ball mills, and many others.


We have years of experience in chains for industrial applications. We supply link plate chains and round chains for wide range of applications, for example bucket elevators, apron feeder, stackers and reclaimers.

We are not just an ordinary chain supplier; our role is prominent in solving problems in existing chains and systems. To achieve better performance, we re-design and increase the strength of chain by replacing existing chain with superior quality chain of higher strength and breaking loads. All this is done without changing the dimensions and size of chain and by choosing superior quality of material.

We also offer audit of existing chain to identify problems and suggest improvement. You can also send us your samples of existing chain enabling us to have a thorough laboratory analysis.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are proven cost-effective solution for vertical transfer of free-flowing bulk material of different types and sizes from lower level to higher level. In the bucket elevator, the buckets are attached with the chain or belt to transfer the material. Ecorporates GmbH design and supply complete bucket elevators for vertical transport of fine and coarse bulk material. We also supply chains for all bucket elevators of all famous manufacturers. Similarly, we provide belt for bucket elevators. Please feel free to contact us with basic details of your existing bucket elevator and we can supply high quality chains, spare buckets and belt for your bucket elevators.

Conveyor Rubber Belts

Rubber conveyor belts are important and cost-effective solution for continuous conveying of a wide range of bulk materials from difficult route by consuming less space and energy. We are premium partner for Europe’s top conveyor belt manufacturer and provide abrasion resistant, heat resistant, fire retardant conveyor belts suitable for conveying of any type of bulk material. We also supply steel cord belt of European origin for conveying material over long distance. We have huge stock of conveyor belts in Europe and Dubai to immediately ship conveyor belts for emergency requirement. We are also providing belt splicing services along with on-site training to customers in different country. Similarly, complete splicing tool kit and splicing material is available for hot vulcanized joints. Please also contact us for cold belt splicing material, belt winders and vulcanizing machines.

We Supply All Components & Equipment to Meet Your Capacity

Equipment & Components

Ecorporates GmbH is based in Germany and working closely with leading manufacturers of products for material handling systems. We can design complete material handling system and supply all components and equipment to meet your capacity and quality requirements.

We are an independent company and when we choose components and equipment from appropriate manufacturer to fulfill the project requirements. We work with customers to minimise downtime, improve process in productivity and energy consumption. Our customer can benefit from our years of knowledge and expertise.

Our business covers all equipment and components of material handling system

  • Rollers
  • Impact rollers
  • Return rollers with rings
  • Guide Rollers
  • Hoists
  • Winches
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Belt Cleaners