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“Ecorporates GmbH is your German strength for industrial business.“

Ecorporates GmbH is a prominent German company based in Hamburg, Germany. We provide industrial products, services and engineering solutions to industries all over the World. Most of our customers comprise of Cement factories, Steel plants, Oil and Gas, Fertilizer industry and Petro-Chemicals. We also study and re-design existing industrial process to improve efficiency of system. We provide quality, timely consumer attitudinal and product information & support to industries to enable them to make informed & right decisions about the services and selection of products.

“Customers expect a one- stop solution with maximum flexibility”

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Who Can Benefit From Us?

We Are Reliable

All kind of industries, trading companies, suppliers, purchase departments, project teams and EPC contractors can get benefit from us.


We can help different industries for their problems and to improve efficiency of their existing process. We also advise improvement in existing old system with latest technologies and automation to achieve higher performance.

Trading companies

Trading companies need a reliable and experienced partner to help them for supply and procurement of equipment and spare parts for their local businesses and also to participate in tender projects. Ecorporates help trading companies to achieve their targets in trading business for European origin material.


If you are supplier then you need a reliable partner who understands and provide complete solution from sourcing to logistics and after sales support ensuring continuous supply of material as per the schedule. Ecorporates GmbH is your single source for all supply requirements.

Purchase departments

Purchase departments of industries and organizations can rely on us for their supply chain, RFQ and procurement requirements related to planned and preventive maintenance. Ecorporates is reliable supplier of industrial equipment and spare parts to the purchase departments to help them fulfill procurement requirements of their industrial plant.

Project Team

The success of every new industrial project depends a lot on the project team which can understand and professionally handle all challenges for the execution of project as per collocated budget and within proposed time.

EPC Contractors

The EPC contractor has the responsibility to carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and do the commissioning. In order to achieve the target, the EPC contractor need a professional partner who understand the project requirements and ensure the supply of material as per quality and standards of the project. Ecorporates GmbH work closely with EPC contractors at all stages of project to achieve the target.