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Industrial Chains & Sprockets

Chains & Sprockets

Ecorporates GmbH supply conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets for bulk material handling especially cement industry. Our supplied chains are of highest quality standards and produced under DIN EN ISO 9001 qualified management and production processes.

All supplied chains are produced by laser cutting and heat treatment by case hardening and inductive hardening to achieve a very high wear resistance and service life of the chain. We also study your existing chains and work closely with end-user to re-engineer and develop a retrofit chain with increased breaking load and reliability.

Scraper Chain

Scraper systems are used in storing and homogenizing of bulk material. There are different designs of scraper systems in operation in the bulk material handling industry. We provide chains which can withstand extreme loads, abrasion and corrosion of the bulk material. We have the experience to select the material which result in low weight without comprising breaking load and performance of chain.

Chain for Pan Conveyors

Pan conveyor chains work under high temperatures and long distances at high speed. We provide chains for pan conveyors which are designed to achieve impact and force distribution. Chains are provided with lubrication system having lubrication bores in chain pin. We provide chain consisting of a durable material, hardened bearing bush and pin to achieve optimum transmission force. We provide chains in different executions and designs of hole shapes and distances. The attachment holes can be either round or square shaped.

Central Bucket Elevator Chain

Bucket elevators are used in vertical conveying of the bulk material like silo feeding. The buckets attachments with chain transfer the material. We provide exact replacement chains for all bucket elevators and we also propose our improved design of chain which is 100% interchangeable with existing bucket elevator chain but with increased breaking load and better service life.

The chains have advanced sealing system against dust and contamination. Bucket Elevator chains have angled attachment brackets for easy attachment of buckets. The number and position of attachment holes are made according to the customer specifications.

Reclaimer & Stacker Chains

The chain in reclaimers works in extreme working conditions and is under continuous load and stress. We provide different types of conveyor and drive chains as per the application. The chains are specially designed for high shock loads to withstand abrasive and corrosive media and give better life.

Apron Feeder Chains

Chains for apron feeder operate under extreme conditions, therefore it is important to consider high quality materials which guarantees best performance against abrasion and give better service life. We provide chains for apron feeders which are designed to achieve best results. The apron feeder chains are provided with flanged rollers and lubrication nipples to meet the highest quality requirements to prevent downtimes.

Rollers for Chains

We also provide replacement rollers for the chains. Many times, customers only need to replace rollers of their conveyor chain system. Our scope of supply consists of Support roller for pan conveyor, flanged rollers and guide rollers for scraper buckets. All rollers are made from heat-treated steel and inductively hardened to withstand the wear resistance and are equipped with top quality SKF/FAG bearings. Rollers are designed with excellent sealing system which protect the bearings of the rollers against contamination and permanently lubricated.


We provide all types of sprockets like single and double-sided hub, divided sprockets, sprockets with segments or tooth shells, shear-pin sprockets and pinion sprockets.

The sprockets are produced in high quality heat-treated tempered steel. The segmented sprockets are useful and cost effective as end-user only need to change the tooth of worn-out sprocket. It is recommended to always change the sprockets along with chain to avoid damage to new chain from worn out sprockets.