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Complete Laboratory & Testing Equipment & Accessories

Laboratory & Testing

We deal in testing and lab equipment for concrete, cement, aggregates & soil. We also supply accessories and consumable items for laboratory testing. We have a comprehensive range of cement testing equipment for the mixing, moulding and curing of samples prior to compressive and tensile strength testing of prisms, cubes and briquettes.

  • Muffle furnace to measure loss-on-ignition.
  • Air entrainment meter to measure the air content and density of mortar, masonry cement and lime.
  • The soundness testing on hardened cement paste in Le Chatelier moulds with a steam tank, water bath or in high pressure autoclaves (ASTM method) to check changes in volume upon hardening.
  • Laboratory flame photometer for the measurement of cement sodium, potassium, calcium and barium.

Our supplied high-quality materials testing equipment for mechanical testing of construction and engineering materials deliver the most accurate and reliable testing results. The testing equipment are specially designed and help to achieve safe, compliant and cost-effective engineering infrastructure. We also help our customers to setup complete testing system and laboratory along with training.

Testing as Per Global Standards

Our product range consist of wide range of sample preparation and building material and cement testing equipment as per global standards for testing of fineness, consistency, setting time, strength, soundness, heat of hydration and chemical composition of material.

  • Specimen Preparation – Mixing, Moulds and Curing
  • Grinding Fineness – Blaine
  • Setting time apparatus
  • Automatic, Vicat needle apparatus
  • Computer Controlled Vicat Needle Apparatus
  • Compression testing machine
  • Cement samplers
  • Langavant calorimeter set
  • Blaine air permeability
  • Flexural Strength Testing Machines
  • Vibrating table for gang moulds
  • Air entrainment meter
  • Bulk density of cement
  • Le Chatelier flask and moulds
  • Mortar Mixer
  • Length comparator
  • Hydraulic shrinkage moulds
  • Autoclave apparatus
  • Alkali reactivity- Expansion test
  • Carbon dioxide content
  • Water retention apparatus