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Rebuilding & Hardfacing of Wear Parts

Hardfacing & Rebuilding

Rebuilding and Hardfacing of wear parts is well known and proven maintenance practice.

Metal parts under high mechanical stress suffer due to wear, which causes them to lose dimension and functionality. Hardfacing, also known as hard surfacing, is the application of buildup or wear-resistant weld metals to a part's surface by means of welding or joining. Most worn parts don't fail from a single mode of wear, such as impact, but from a combination of modes, such as abrasion and impact. For example, vertical mill grinding rollers are usually subjected to abrasion and impact, and depending on composition of feed, one mode may be more dominant than another.

For example, the roller tyres and tables of vertical grinding mills are affected by mechanical stresses causing components wear and result in misalignment and more consumption of energy. Every Vertical Mill operator wishes to have energy efficient, high run-time factor and no unexpected fails and stoppages. Therefore the managers prefer rebuilding of wear parts than costly procurements. Our rebuilding service is dedicated to help managers to achieve highest possible run-time with the lowest cost.

Hardfacing Services and Rebuilding Steel Welding

Vertical Mill Tires, Tables, Rollers, Holders, Seals, Clamps & Bolts

Types of Welding

“Rollers Tyres and Tables of Vertical Grinding Mills can be rebuilt upto 100mm by hardfacing”

  • Flux cored arc welding (FCAW)
  • Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)
  • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
  • Submerged arc welding (SAW)
  • Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)
  • Oxyfuel/ oxyacetylene welding (OFW)
  • Plasma transferred arc welding, laser welding, thermal spray, and brazing

In addition to rollers and tables of Vertical mills, all metal parts which face high wear due to abrasion and impact in cement industry can be hardfaced and their life can be increased. It is important to note that “Abrasion” and “Impact” collectively accounts 65-70% of wear however one mode may be more dominant than other and this also dictate the welding product to be used.

Rebuilding using Flux Cored Hardfacing Wire

Years ago rebuilding was just a hardfacing job. We have changed it pioneering rebuilding wear parts using top quality wire to achieve original dimensions and life time better than original. Flux cored Hardfacing wire is High-alloyed tubular C-Cr-Nb-B based wire for extremely wear-resistant deposits on parts subject to heavy abrasive wear by minerals.

We have spent enough years and achieved experience to rebuild different wear parts and perform complex hardfacing jobs. Our rebuilt parts have exceeded life time of original parts many times.

We have carefully studied wear profile of worn parts and tested almost all popular welding consumables and products available around the World. We have now attained enough experience to offer most suitable and cost-effective reliable solution which help managers to achieve highest possible run-time with the lowest cost.

Rebuilding and Hardfacing Services

Welding Wire vs. Welding Electrode

Welding Wire (MIG process) is good in every aspect as compared to Welding Electrode (Stick process).

  • All Position Capability
  • Higher deposition rates than SMAW
  • Long Welds can be made without starts and stops
  • Minimal post weld cleaning is required for job
  • Less wastage and good finishing

We can rebuild wear segments of Rollers & tables which are worn up to 100mm. We have completed rebuilding tasks for different Vertical Mills. Today Ecorporates rebuilding service is the most reliable and cost saving technique for vertical grinding mills. We help clients to avoid unexpected failures, high costs of replacements and production losses.

Rebuilding - Hardfacing

We offer Rebuilding and Hardfacing of wear parts especially Vertical Grinding mill Tyres and Tables to cement plants all over World. If the end-user has spare set of rollers/tables then it is preferred to perform rebuilding task in temporary workshop at client’s site. However, we also possess great expertise and experience to perform rebuilding on the Grinding Mill. We take great care and employ industry standard precautions to avoid damage to mill Bearings by using Magnetic Cam Clutch during rebuilding job.

Composite Metal Ceramic

We are among few suppliers of wear resistant material in composite metal ceramic. Composite metal ceramic has high toughness and better high wear resistance feature.

Metal matrix composite is composed with alloy and ceramic through special casting, heat treatment process which gives 2-3 times better life than traditional high chromium alloys. The ceramic particles are placed on the surface of high chrome material layer to form the ceramic metal composite material layer. Composite metal ceramic has both features of high wear resistance of ceramics as well as good mechanical properties of metal materials, therefore it does not easy wear.

This strengthen structure increases the surface friction and effective grinding area and help to improve the grinding efficiency and reduces the power consumption.

Why choose us for Hardfacing & Rebuilding job?

  • We possess years of experience and unique knowledge for hardfacing of wear parts in a cement industry for example, vertical grinding mills tyres, tables, crusher hammers, roller presses, Rotary Kilns, classifiers, cones and air-flow rings etc.
  • We advise our customers most reliable and cost-effective solution based on our experience which we have attained during similar jobs by studying grinding performance and wear profiles of relevant parts.
  • We rebuild worn castings using latest state of art hardfacing techniques to achieve original component profile or dimensions as per end-user requirement.
  • We can refurbish worn components on client's site and can also supply new advanced grinding equipment, wires and other hardfacing consumables.
  • Our rebuilt parts have proven simultaneous increase in abrasion resistance and toughness as compared to the originaly supplied castings made of Ni-hard or high-chromium material.
  • We are flexible terms of execution and are always willing to accommodate client’s additional hardfacing requests and at NO extra costs.