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Complete Industrial Project Management

Project Management

Ecorporates GmbH take care of new and existing projects and enhance collaboration during project to ensure professional project handling and meeting deadlines of project. We provide our expertise and also manage new contractual models and expand global partnerships between companies.

Due to the significant technical complexity of EPC business, EPC providers’ risk profiles go far beyond the scope of normal supply business. Customers expect a one- stop solution with maximum flexibility. Striking a balance between taking sufficient financial account of risks and offering competitive prices in a price-sensitive market poses a further challenge. You can benefit from our experience and let us involve in your project for planning and execution.

New industrial project like new Greenfield Cement Plant or a new manufacturing facility, an intensive planning and sourcing ahead of time is necessary as it helps to ensure the availability of equipment and material at required time for on time completion of project. Our dedicated team of professionals with years of knowledge, coupled with an excellent infrastructure setup can take care of complete project management. We work closely with the project team to plan and source material, equipment and resources that may be necessary for your industrial project.

We can also perform technical and commercial evaluation of the material and products in order to ensure that we are providing you with the most cost-effective solution. We can work in collaboration with your existing project team, purchasing and technical staff to improve the efficiency and on time completion of the project.

  • Prefeasibility Study & Feasibility Study
  • Financial / Business Planning
  • Overall Program Coordination
  • Team Leadership and Training
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Detailed Design
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Logistics Planning
  • Contracts Administration
  • Project Controls Management
  • Process Management Approach
  • Performance Management and Tracking
  • Material Management
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Health, Safety, Environment Management
  • Construction Management
  • Operations Training and Support