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Ecorporates GmbH
is a prominent supplier of industrial products and engineering solutions to industries all over the World. We are based in Hamburg (Germany) and currently we are providing industrial services and products to customers in more than 15 countries. Most of our customers consists of Cement factories, Steel plants, Fertilizer industry, paper industry and Petro-Chemicals. We also study and re-design existing process to improve efficiency of system.

We work with top manufacturers and engineering companies in Europe to provide cost-effective and efficient products and solutions to our customers. We are very well connected to industries in Africa and GCC region for new turn-key and expansion projects in Cement/mining, steel and power generation.

We also provide quality, timely consumer attitudinal and product information & support to industries to enable them to make informed & right decisions about the services and selection of products.

Products & Services

Our years of experience and close connection with manufacturers has enabled us to supply all industrial equipment, machinery and spare parts to cement plants and other industries at very competitive prices. We are sourcing equipment and material from more than 100 European manufacturers to fulfill our customers requirements. The purchase managers of industries depend on us for quality and timely supply of material from Europe.

Examples of projects:

  1. Study and finalize 100TPD project of an Active lime and high quality hydrated lime plant (for food and sugar industry grade)
  2. Design and supply of Fume Dampers to steel plant.
  3. Supply complete lubrication system for various applications in steel and cement plants.
  4. Replace existing in-efficient Motors with energy efficient drives on cement plant.
  5. All types of equipment and spare parts for Cement plants.
  6. Study existing operation of cement mill and improve its production.
  7. Supply of heat resistant Conveyor belt for clinker handling.
  8. Supply Rollers and tables for vertical cement mills.
  9. Supply and commissioning of high temperature cameras for cement kiln and coolers.
  10. Recommend and supply air-blasters for smooth flow of material in Pre-heater and silos.
  11. Complete inspection and alignment of kiln in cement plant.
  12. Hardfacing of wear parts in cement plants.
  13. Provide parts for obsolete gearboxes.
  14. Reclaimer and stacker cable reels.
  15. all types of material handling solutions including conveyors, chains, rollers.
  16. We also study and provide wear resistant casting and foundry items to cement plants to meet their requirement.

In addition to above few examples, we regularly source and supply industrial equipment and spare parts of European origin to our customers all over World.

We are competitive in prices and understand all shipping requirements of every country. In case you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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