Cement Industry

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Ecorporates Business Activities

What We Do?

We work in collaboration with top manufacturers and engineering companies in Europe to provide cost-effective and efficient products and solutions to our customers. We are very well connected to industries in Africa and GCC region for new turn-key and expansion projects in Cement, oil and gas, steel and power generation sector.


We plan the project by an intensive market analysis, clarification of user requirement specifications, and the feasibility study of the project.

Evaluation of Project Requirements

We carry out an intensive research on your requirements to help you understand the technical and commercial aspects and risks related to the project.

Payment & Financing

We will manage payments on customers behalf. We conduct negotiations with specific banking partners, as well as compile an ideal financial strategy for our client. We also offer our clients short, medium or long-term export financing, either with own funds or in partnership with international banks.

We work with top manufacturers and suppliers in Germany and Europe to procure most appropriate machinery, materials and spare parts for our clients.

Contract & Ordering

Thanks to our relationship and connection with German and European Manufacturers and suppliers, we can source for, and order machineries, equipment, spare parts and materials with suitable terms and conditions.

Logistics & Delivery

We assist our clients with the shipping of machinery, equipment and resources by air or sea. We have a personalized setup here in Hamburg for our client’s shipment. We will take care of every necessary document and process involved.

Installation & Commissioning

We provide our clients with complete installation support for equipment, machineries and plants. We also train and serve as consultant for our clients, to guide them through any and every installation process.

After Sales Support & Service

We have a team of dedicated professionals readily available to assist you with after sales support and service. We also provide our clients with specialized warranty and maintenance services on call.